Mother’s Day Reading

It’s wonderful to celebrate all the mothers out there, but it’s also important to consider those who are not mothers (either by choice or circumstance), those who have lost their mothers, those who have lost children, or those who aren’t close with their biological mothers and have created a chosen family.

These pieces explore different aspects of motherhood, and I promise they will give you all the feels.

Christine Hennessey’s excellent creative nonfiction piece, “Hatchling,” explores her ambivalence to motherhood as she hatches her first chickens.

Lindsey Gates-Markel’s lovely short story, “Bring it on Home to Me,” shows a couple with conflicting feelings about parenthood.

Ruth Margalit’s essay, “The Unmothered,” gives us Mother’s Day from the perspective of someone who has lost their mother.

Ariel Levy’s heartbreaking and gorgeous essay, “Thanksgiving in Mongolia,” talks about losing her baby while traveling abroad.