Roy Spivey

David Sedaris reading “Roy Spivey” by Miranda July is worth a listen. Today I celebrated Easter (and I use the term ‘celebrated’ loosely, because I’m pretty agnostic) by cooking and taking a long walk while listening to New Yorker fiction podcasts. This one was my favorite.

I had never read any Miranda July before, and now I’m going to have to add a bunch of her books to my to-read list. “Roy Spivey” is about a woman who sits next to a celebrity on a flight. It’s funny and devastating and gave me all the heartfeelings.

The conversation betweenDavid Sedaris and Deborah Treisman about the story was just as great – with Sedaris taking on Miranda July haters and Treisman making some insightful comments about the backlash women artists face when they put themselves at the center of their work.

Bottom line: Highly recommended. Best while taking a walk on an early spring day.